Publisher Showcase: Immerxon

Posted by Rakuten Marketing AU on Oct 17, 2017 3:45:00 PM

This month we launch our Publisher Showcase!

Each month the Publisher Showcase will highlight an innovative publisher from the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network. To kick things off we spoke to Adam Hutchinson, founder of in video product discovery tool Immerxon.

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Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Adam Hutchinson and I'm the founder of Immerxon- a free, web based tool for affiliate marketers to use video content to generate new traffic through easier product discovery.

We're seeing CTR's from 13% up to 40% on videos that use Immerxon, as we make it easier for viewers to discover products used within video content.

The way it works is you upload your finished video to Immerxon, then tag the products used within the video. These tags contain your existing affiliate links.

Embed the code we provide into your blog post and promote it via your channels. Our unique video player display ads at the time the products are in shot. This user interface helps the viewers discover the products used, and if interested they'll click/tap and any purchases will be attributed to your account, we take no commission at all.

Who is your target audience?
Any affiliate that either creates video content or is intending to create video content in order to generate affiliate sales.

How long have you been using affiliate marketing as a channel?
We started building the Immmerxon platform in October 2015 and launched our beta version in July 2017.

What kind of advertisers are your ideal partners?
Affiliates that understand the power that video has to generate sales

What unique offering do you bring to the table that other affiliates don’t offer?
We're the only platform the focuses entirely on generating direct traffic from video content without harming the viewers experience. Our entire UI is built with the viewing experience in mind.

What new innovations will we see from you in 2017?
We have a brand new user interface coming out in the near future. It's something we've been testing for some time and the CTR's we've seen during testing have been amazing. We've just been through the process of protecting it, so it's been under wraps for a while but it'll be an option for registered users to choose if they like. Generally, the new UI handles multiple products at the same time in the video content really, really well. We're also building up our Machine Learning capability day by day, and this is something we'll be launching in the next few months. It's super exciting.

Can you describe what excites you most about the affiliate marketing industry?
Well, where we are coming from is using technology in new and exciting ways. We've created ground breaking software for a range of clients both in the private and public sectors. What we've experienced is a huge range in terms of speed of adoption. What excited me is the speed which affiliates seem to adopt new technology and tools to achieve their goals. It's like the perfect storm. New technology adopted by the most nimble and technologically savvy recipients.

If advertisers aren’t yet partnered with you, why should they jump on board?
Affiliates should jump on board and start using video to drive new, undiscovered traffic. Cameras and equipment has never been cheaper, editing software more freely available, educational material more prevalent and accessible than now. It's time to pivot to video and we're the #1 tool to get the best ROI from your efforts.


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