Affiliate Insights for Your Mother's Day Campaign!

Posted by Rhiannon Farrar on May 3, 2017 9:45:00 AM
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Aussies love their Mum’s so much that in 2016 they spent $2 billion spoiling them on Mother’s Day.


Children of all ages flock to florists and restaurants, and visit retailers both online and offline, on behalf of their mothers every year in May as a way to say thanks for all the wonderful things that Mum’s do.

With Mother’s Day 2017 just around the corner, we’ve analysed the data from our affiliate network, to determine how Aussies are shopping online for mum and bring insights to our advertisers!

Top performing publishers:

Publishers are an advertisers best friend when it comes to affiliate marketing, and knowing which models perform best throughout certain periods, provides advertisers with the ability to confidently optimise sales.

In 2016, Coupon and Deal sites were the most utilised publisher models during the Mother’s Day period accounting for 35% of all sales. This was followed closely by Loyalty and Rewards sites, driving 24% of sales, whilst Shopping sites accounted for 16% of sales.

Top performing verticals

When evaluating the best way to capitalise on trends from key retail periods, looking at past insights and examining top performing verticals can be a highly effective way to further develop an affiliate marketing strategy.

It’s without surprise that flowers feature among top performing verticals, however when looking at sales from 2016, Apparel & Accessories also top the list, accounting for 51% of all sales in 2016, this was followed by Luxury and Books and Magazines. 

Most popular day for orders:

Timing is everything when it comes to putting together an affiliate plan. Advertisers need to consider if they are providing publishers with enough notice to get offers live and secure placements, and the length of time an offer is in market. Understanding the most popular day for conversions allows advertisers to plan effectively.

Mother’s Day 2016 was held on May 8th, Rakuten Affiliate Network data depicts that the most popular day for online shopping in the lead up to Mother’s Day was Thursday May 5th with 11% of orders generated.

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